Christmas 2008

Christmas is never a big deal in my family. It’s more of a novelty. My parents and my little brother have been overseas for weeks, so the Christmas celebrations this year involved only my two sisters, and my boyfriend and his family. 

On Christmas Eve my sisters and I cooked up a huge feast. I made roast lamb (using Stephanie Alexander’s recipe, which is great), roast veggies, a lemon curd tart and I attempted Meringue Mushrooms but failed dismally. The Mushrooms were for Christmas Lunch the next day with the bf’s family, they were a hit last Christmas. This time I was unfortunately trying to do too many things at once, so I tried to rush the Mushrooms by turning up the oven heat. Regrettably, meringues aren’t something you can play around with without dire consequences and the end result was burnt, brown meringues that were chewy rather than melt-in-your-mouth. A shame because the respect and renown I garnered from making my fabulous Meringue Mushrooms is now tarnished! Bahaha. 

But I digress. My big-little sister made brownies and shortbread and my little-little sister made mushrooms stuffed with ricotta and other goodness, and a cauliflower bake, which we forgot about until we were already full from the rest of the food. There was a lot of food. I guess that goes without saying as it was Christmas Eve dinner after all. 

The next day was Christmas. (Surprise, surprise.) I awoke reluctantly; even the knowledge of presents to be opened was not enough to keep me from a sleep in. I got some goodies this year. (Yay.) I had been planning to stay up all Christmas Eve and open all my pressies at midnight, but everyone discouraged this as bad form and in the end I was so sleepy I decided to crash. Me and my lovely boy drove up to the Barossa Valley for lunch with his family. We got pulled over for an alcohol and drug test. I was excited because I’d never seen a saliva drug test. It was a lot like a pregnancy test, not because urine was involved, but because of the way you read the test with pink stripes. I felt sorry for the policeman because he had to work all of Christmas Day. He said he didn’t mind though. 

The boy’s family live on a farm and we had a delicious lunch in the shade of a vine canopy. The extended family are a lovely bunch. For me though, the main attraction was Archie, the family’s new puppy. SO. CUTE. I ate lots. There was pudding – I just love pudding. Also ice cream pudding, a modern take on a traditional favourite. I even had some wine but stopped when my skin went all splotchy, one of the yucky things that happens when I drink. 

We stayed the night at the farm and drove back the next day, i.e. today. I ate a Splice when I got home. Then I relaxed and did some reading and sprawling and tea-drinking. Now I’m at my parent’s house. This is where I’ll stay from now on. My sisters are holidaying in America as of tomorrow morning, so I’ll effectively be required to house-sit. This is depressing me greatly. I am lonely and missing my lovely boy already. After a year of living with my partner I don’t want to be living in this big house by myself, with no one but my dog for company. And the dog has issues. I love him, but he does. And the house feels so far away from everything. And I accidentally left my  mobile phone behind at my other house.

So yeah. I guess this is a lonesome end to a lovely, social Christmas. 

To end on a positive note, I finally fulfilled my life-long dream of having purple hair. Okay, only near-life-long. Hm, okay, in reality it was more like a since-teenager-hood dream. I love having purple hair. I’ll post properly about it later, but here’s a badly-lit Photobooth photo.



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