What I Wore: Thursday 12th February

It took pretty much all of my limited Photoshop ability to make this image…


(Really old) top from Hong Kong, skirt from Mum, tights from Target, sandals borrowed from my sister, necklace from Big Day Out and bracelet from I can’t remember where. 

Wow, I guess I just realised that this outfit is really cheap. The only parts of it I bought are the tights and the necklace. I probably should get some sandals like these ones, I’m only able to “borrow” these ones from my sister because she happens to be away on holiday at the moment! The skirt is something my Mum picked up at a Rotary Club sale. She hemmed it and sewed in an elastic waistband. This is the first time I’ve worn it because I usually stay away from floral prints. 

Actually this whole outfit is quite unlike me. The florals, the combination of the dark purple tights with the lighter colours above. I attribute my experimental mood today to inspiration from all the style blogs I’m following. Truly though, fashion blogs really inspire me. I never buy magazines anymore. It’s so much more interesting to see examples of real creativity. I also find the fashion in magazines tends to be really consumer-oriented, whereas I think a really interesting sense of style doesn’t have to come with a hefty price tag. 

Today someone asked me why I think people care about what they wear. I said that because you wear your clothes all the time, they become part of how you and others perceive yourself. Even people who don’t put much effort into their clothes stick to a certain palette of colours, or a certain style. My friend said that he watched a documentary which argued that our practical need for clothes and objects was deliberately turned into an emotional need in a push towards capitalism and consumption. I guess I can agree with that. We do live in a very capitalist society. But I feel that dressing oneself is a form of self-expression. It can be fun and imaginative and it doesn’t have to be all about needing to buy the latest STUFF. 

Okay, sudden moment of contemplation over. Say hello to my dog. 



I don’t usually support the idea of new year’s resolutions because I don’t think efforts to improve oneself should be limited to once a year. But the new year does instigate such a feeling of opportunity and freshness and… newness. (Hah!) Okay, so it’s well into February, but I have spent the last few months slowly compiling a very short list of things I’d like myself to achieve.

  • Learn some basic Photoshop skills. My lovely boy has taught me a few tricks already, until then all I could do was adjust brightness/contrast/etc.
  • Be more well-spoken and articulate. In particular I’d really like to stop sprinkling “like” through most of my sentences. It sounds so adolescent! I think I’m getting better. I can do it if I remember to think about it.
  • Make a general rule to accept invitations. Because I would like to improve my social skills and I think it’s admirable and good for me to put myself in situations that make me feel slightly uncomfortable. 
  • Learn to draw. I want to learn some basic techniques for pencil sketching. 

They are not big aspirations at all, but to me they are worthy of pursuing.

What I Wore: Monday 9th February

After a week of heat wave insanity, I’m making the most of the cooler weather by wearing tights. It’s a top of 24 today and it’s perfect outside. 


Top from Supre, singlet from Big W, skirt from my sister, belt from Dotti, tights from Paddy’s Markets in Sydney, shoes from Sydney, sunnies from Equip.

Went out this morning to do some band stuff, now I’m home and ready to practice my piano. Then it’s off to work and then a staff meeting until late.