I don’t usually support the idea of new year’s resolutions because I don’t think efforts to improve oneself should be limited to once a year. But the new year does instigate such a feeling of opportunity and freshness and… newness. (Hah!) Okay, so it’s well into February, but I have spent the last few months slowly compiling a very short list of things I’d like myself to achieve.

  • Learn some basic Photoshop skills. My lovely boy has taught me a few tricks already, until then all I could do was adjust brightness/contrast/etc.
  • Be more well-spoken and articulate. In particular I’d really like to stop sprinkling “like” through most of my sentences. It sounds so adolescent! I think I’m getting better. I can do it if I remember to think about it.
  • Make a general rule to accept invitations. Because I would like to improve my social skills and I think it’s admirable and good for me to put myself in situations that make me feel slightly uncomfortable. 
  • Learn to draw. I want to learn some basic techniques for pencil sketching. 

They are not big aspirations at all, but to me they are worthy of pursuing.


3 thoughts on “Un-Resolutions

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