What I Wore: Monday 16th March

I really need a tripod because the sum of my efforts today is this:


Pink 3/4 sleeved top from Myer, little purple top from my sister, black halter-neck a super old purchase (we’re talking about ten years), second-hand skirt altered by my mum, black tights from Equip, platform sandals from Zu, green tassel from Salvo’s, new black glasses.

I would have preferred a standing shot, but my folks are back home from holidays now and I can’t quite bear for them to see me balancing my camera on top of a stack of outdoor furniture simply in order to take a picture of myself, let alone asking them to take the shot. Can’t be bothered with the inevitable questions/amusement which would follow. So I trotted upstairs to the big mirror and came up with this:


Both shots don’t really do my hair colour or my shoes justice, the former I am really excited about. It is Manic Panic Purple Haze, a colour my sisters bought for me from the U.S. and I dyed it myself, my first time without my hairdresser since I began this coloured hair odyssey some months back. 

I’ve not been posting as much because the uni term has commenced and I’ve been so busy with band stuff for the Fringe etc. And as you can see it takes way too long to take outfit photos, I need it to be just a simple snap! Note to self, check Ebay for tripod deals.


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