Here are some pictures of my dog

This is Bear Bear. He is my favourite dog and the above photo is my favourite photo of him. Being a dog, he doesn’t enjoy posing for the camera, but I managed to snap him at the perfect moment and I love this photo because he looks like he is smiling. 

We don’t usually put doggy clothes on Bear Bear. I think that they are kind of cruel. Bear is a West Highland White Terrier and they are known for having skin problems, it’s a genetic thing. His Ma or Pa may have had it. We have special medicated shampoo for him, which helps a lot, but recently the problem has flared up, maybe it’s seasonal, like hay fever? On this particular day, he had just been washed but was still scratching and biting himself under the arms so much that it was starting to bleed, so Mum whipped out this woolly doggy jumper. Bear Bear hated it at first, but it was probably for the best, and it was only for a couple of hours. 

We are pack mates. Except I am higher up the pack hierarchy than him, he is at the bottom. Sorry, dog, that’s the way it is. 



2 thoughts on “Here are some pictures of my dog

  1. I love your pictures of Big Bear! I also have a Westie, Ziggy. I put a “bubble” on his head when he itches (an inflatable tube). I hadn’t thought about clothing, does it really help keep him from chewing at himself?

  2. Hi Jennifer, I reckon an inflatable tube would be better if you have it! I felt bad for putting Bear in the doggy jumper. He really hated it at first. It did stop him from biting and chewing himself though.

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