How Embarassment

This, minus the black lacy cropped top and with added black sandals, is what I wore last Thursday to a gig with my band that was actually a private function. To my horror (and to the guitarist’s amusement), SOMEHOW the other three had managed to silently agree to dress in all black. Things got more unfortunate when I realised as we were hurriedly setting up, that I didn’t have the power cord for my keyboard and I absolutely needed it. Due to having to make a last minute detour to pick up the keyboard stand, which was at the guitarist’s house, I had arrived with only five or ten minutes to spare before our set was to begin. The gig had to start on time, so I had no other option but to drive home to get the power cord while the other three began without me. 

Naturally I was freaking out. I drove from Hindmarsh to Campbelltown, found the cord in my room sitting on a shelf (WHY was it not in the bag with the other cords and leads???) raced back to Hindmarsh and made it in time to join in for 3 songs. 

I felt like an idiot but I was somewhat soothed as I stood outside listening, for Escapist actually sounded pretty good without me, and being a function, the guests were eating dinner and loudly chatting away and the “background music” seemed quite well suited to the situation. The others had moved the keyboard off the stage, so we quickly moved it back. It was quite a strange gig. I think I’ve definitely learned my lesson and will now keep all my band stuff in order and pack and prepare properly beforehand. I was lucky this time, being a dinner function my absence wasn’t noticeable except for the fact that we brought in a keyboard and then it got moved off the stage. Also the lady who had got us the gig noticed but she did say that no one else would have been able to tell. 

Anyway, moral of the story is ALWAYS BE PREPARED.

On a totally unrelated note, Flickr is awesome but I have just discovered the limits of a free account, those limits being that I can only have the 200 most recent photos in my photostream viewable at a time. You can upload photos to WordPress, but the quality always gets a little crushed, so I always use the Flickr URLs. Oh well.


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