Black Lamé Leggings

I was heaps excited when American Apparel opened a store here in Adelaide, mainly because I had been eyeing up their range of lamé leggings for quite some time. Didn’t ever end up buying a pair via the online store though, for some reason spending money on unnecessary items is harder for me when I contemplate doing it online, maybe it takes away the impulse buy urge? 

Behold, black lamé leggings:

Ah, the possibilities. 

Today, after my piano lesson, I was wandering around town and I discovered that soooo many places now stock a cheap rip-off version! You can get a pair at Equip or Cotton On for around $25, but the quality is not that great compared with the American Apparel version. Anyway, now I can’t (okay, won’t) get a pair because they’re set to become the horrendously ubiquitous winter trend of 2009. A couple of winters ago it was pinafore dresses and ballet flats, last winter it was skinny jeans and long, finely knit cardigans (Cotton On still a culprit here for effectuating that one) and still more ballet flats. My prediction for this winter: black shiny leggings are going to be EVERYWHERE. 

Meanwhile, I did snap up a pair of American Apparel’s purple lamé leggings, hopefully few others will jump on the wagon with that one, tee hee!


2 thoughts on “Black Lamé Leggings

  1. These leggings are really nice. You should also check out the leggings found on The pictures dont do justice to the material but these Bejeweled Leggings look like real jeans, You need to actually touch them to know that they are just leggings. I think these will be the new fashion in leggings.

  2. Wow those jeans leggings you linked too are pretty wacky… I wonder if you’d get a visible panty line through them….

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