Image by papermustshade  

Image by papermustshade


A little while ago, I expressed a desire to learn to draw. Well in the last few days I’ve been absorbed in doing just that. 

I had been intending to go about this new endeavour by first purchasing some kind of book about pencil drawing techniques, but as I inadvertently discovered that Officeworks stocks Derwent graphite pencils the other day, I bought both pencils and a sketch book on a whim, and have been enjoying myself lots. (Officeworks is such a temptation for me! For some reason I just love stationery and I always leave the shop with more than I intended to buy.)

I think drawing is like music in that “talent” doesn’t have that much to do with it. It’s all about hard work and perseverence. I’m not much good at drawing imaginary things from my head, so I’m going to practice still life drawing. Once I saw a glimpse of a man’s sketchbook that was full of watercolours of things he’d seen and drawn while travelling overseas. Amazing. I love the idea of a “drawing journal”. That’s something for me to aspire to. 

For now though, I’ve been doing shading exercises and drawing everyday objects like pieces of fruit and figurines. It’s fun but hard and quite time-consuming. And my sketchbook smells like hairspray because I’ve been told you can use it as a fixative so your drawings don’t smudge. 

There’s quite a bit of information, tips and tricks to be found online, but I think ultimately it’s all down to practice and experience. 

Maybe when I improve a bit I’ll put some of my drawings here.


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