Do you like my picture of Seven? I reckon it’s not too bad given the equipment I had to work with. Also, DJ Seven has got very good posture and doesn’t wriggle around too much, making him easier to photograph in the dark. 

This photo was taken on Saturday night. Seven is a UK dubstep DJ and producer, apparently he’s one to watch. Dubstep confuses me and I feel like a right fool dancing to it, probably because I have spent so much time in the past enthusiastically dancing to drum and bass, which has a faster tempo, so now I can’t adjust to slower speeds. Seven reckons that dubstep is huge in the UK, and people don’t have any problems dancing because the tempo is the same as the more popular house music genre. 

The only music which falls under the “dubstep” category that I actually like is Burial. I didn’t think Burial’s music was dubstep at all, but apparently it is.


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