I’m converting to a pescetarian diet. That is, a vegetarian diet that includes fish and seafood. I’ll still have meat products like dairy and eggs. 

I’m not expecting it to be too difficult to start with. I haven’t eaten any meat for a few weeks anyway and before that I had been gradually cutting back. The funny thing is, the longer I go without it, the less I want it. And I don’t have much dairy usually, I prefer soy milk.

I feel like I’m in a transitional stage and I don’t really feel like going into all the reasons why I’m deciding to make this change. Actually I feel kind of… mildly stressed and anxious, especially about explaining my decision to people. 

Oh well, the only thing I can do is try.


2 thoughts on “Pescetarianism

  1. good for you 🙂

    I’ve found that it helps to have a few reasons ready for different situations. I consider it to be a very personal question, and quite often I don’t want to go into the moral conjecture right before someone tucks into an animal in front of me.

    I might tell them that i just prefer not to eat meat (and try to leave it at that), or that it’s less taxing on the environment. If they keep prodding I might tell them that given the choice, i’ve chosen to try not to kill (sentient creatures).

    I might also ask them what stops them from eating certain types of animals. Would they eat whale?- if it’s an environmental thing, then they should consider the destruction and extinction caused through clearing land for grazing cows (and the transport and water usage, and…). Alternatively, would they eat dolphin or chimpanzee?- if it’s concerning an animals intelligence then they should reconsider eating pig meat because they are highly intelligent and social.

    All of these answers are just convenient snippets that are easier to digest. Cruelty does bother me. As does the disconnection between the consumer and the death and suffering of the animal, not only do we have no connection to the animal, but society tries to obfuscate the relationship between the meat that is consumed and the life that was lost. There is normally no reverence for the life of the animal. But even still, with appropriate reverence, while the hunt can be beautiful we don’t need to destroy sentient life in our society, that pain and death is easily avoided.

    I’ve also been known to read my post about kittens and pigs but only if people really push the matter, are made aware that it’s a disturbing story and understand that it isn’t the sole reason.

  2. thanks for that matty 🙂
    what’s funny is that i commented way back when on your kittens and pigs post about justifying vegetarianism, i read those old comments and thought “i’m communicating with michelle of the past! past me is giving present me advice!”
    time travel, whoa

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