Piano Love!

I am love love LOVING piano right now. Reasons for my joy:

  • It feels good. Seriously. I love that I’m learning how to use all my muscles and weight and bits and pieces properly so that the sound is great and the effort is minimal. It feels so nice and organic. It’s like walking. Natural and comfortable. 
  • Relishing the payoff that has resulted from my hard work. Technique isn’t an art, it’s a skill, and skills can be acquired. I love that the “art” of piano playing isn’t mysterious or enigmatic, it’s very sensible and logical.
  • Being able to actuate the ideas in my head. 

Advanced piano playing is so self-indulgent. My attempts at explaining what I’m learning and achieving to non-pianists or even non-advanced-pianists always results in fail. Consequently I feel as if I’ve had a religious experience or been “enlightened” in some way that is unexplainable to… lay-people. Bahaha.


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