Mum’s Roses

I’m no photographer, but these were really fun to take pictures of. I’ll do more some time.

Lastly, here is a picture of Mum’s winter melon crop.



Ah, my day, it is not progressing in a satisfactorily productive manner. So I shall give myself a coffee break and tell a story of a memory I randomly remembered…

When I was once a little kid, say five or seven, I heard told the Cinderella fairytale. Somehow, I must have misunderstood, because I thought the moral of the story was that Cinderella was beautiful because she did lots of housework and therefore deserved to marry the Prince. I came to the logical conclusion that if I did a lot of housework, I would grow up to be beautiful too. As a result of this, I did the dishes for the first time in my young life, then marched off to where my parents were in the living room, to inquire as to whether they detected a discernible improvement in my features.

They laughed and said, yes, it did seem that I had become a little prettier. I didn’t realise why they were laughing until years later.

I’m surprised they didn’t keep milking it for all it was worth. I would have.

Puff Pastry


Image by sonicwalker (with an accompanying recipe)

Image by sonicwalker (with an accompanying recipe)

How good is puff pastry?? No, seriously. Think about it. It only takes five minutes to thaw, requires no further preparation, you can put whatever you like inside it and it always turns out flawlessly flaky and delicious. (It’s also vegetarian and vegan – bonus.) Compare this to fillo pastry, that other ready-made pastry of the freezer aisle. Fillo can take an hour or two to thaw and if you get impatient waiting, the pastry easily cracks and breaks with mishandling, you have to brush it with oil and prepare it into stacks of multiple sheets and it tends to be messier. 

Anyway. Puff pastry is rad. I like putting roasted root vegetables inside. Pumpkin, potato, carrot, garlic and cheese is good. I also want to try nutella/chocolate, left-over or home-made curry, sugared fruit. And I haven’t experimented much with puff pastry as a pie crust so I want to do that.

It’s too bad puff pastry is so fatty. I guess that’s often the case with things that are delicious.

The Road to Pescetarianism…

… is not a rocky one, I’m finding. It’s actually been quite easy. I think the fact that I had already cut pork from my diet for quite a while has something to do with it. When I quit eating pork, I soon found that even erasing that one meat from my diet meant I had to do more thinking about what was in my food. That was a bigger change than I had expected because it meant I had to change my thought processes every time I ate… if that makes sense. So enlarging the list of what I won’t eat to include all land meats wasn’t that big a change. 

Also, even before my decision I didn’t regard meat as a staple part of my diet anyway. I don’t believe humans need that much meat. Imagine if meat was served as a side dish rather than vegetables! It seems a little strange to me now that main courses in any food culture have meat at the centre of the dish, in the starring role. 

The hardest part about pescetarianism has to do with situations where I’m eating socially. It’s hard not to feel excluded when you go out to a dinner with friends and you are the only one not partaking in a shared meal. My folks have been pretty good about it but I have still felt a pang of guilt now and then when I realise they are pandering to me. I appreciate it lots, but I am perfectly okay with feeding myself; I don’t want to inconvenience anybody. 

At first I was worried that my family would be offended. My parents show that they care by offering food, they also do it to friends when they come over because it’s a way of being polite and welcoming. So I was worried that I might offend them. I think that having been moved out has really helped them perceive my “independence”, so they don’t really take it the wrong way. 

What is interesting is having to draw a line. I still eat fish but I’ve drawn a line at land animals. But if I’d cave for anything, it would probably be Peking duck, even though I’ve had a pet duck, the idea of eating duck doesn’t upset me nearly as much as some other things. But you have to draw a line somewhere.

Eggy Bread

Hungry? It’s eggy bread time! My favourite breakfast at the moment, I whip it up after my morning run. 

You need eggs and bread. If having two pieces of bread, use two eggs. Mix up the eggs in a bowl with some salt, pepper and a dash of milk (cows or soy). Note that the awesomeness of the eggy bread is directly related to the amount of milk added. I’ve found that using little or no milk results in dry eggy bread, like fried egg. If you use too much milk the bread will get too soggy and break easily and it might be hard to cook. Maybe try about a tablespoon or two at first and adjust for next time?

Anyway, mix it up in a bowl, then put the bread in the bowl of egg. Make sure each side of the bread is all soaked in egg, you can leave it soaking for a while if you like, but I’m generally hungry after my run and can’t be bothered. 

Fry the egg-soaked-bread in an oiled pan until it’s golden brown on both sides. Yum! It’s ready. When having eggs savoury, I like them with soy sauce, when craving sweet, I use honey. I really like eggs with honey. Try eggy bread with butter and honey spread on top. Delicious.

What I Wore: Thursday 7th May

Here is a dumb picture of me frolicking around outside with a magic apple.

Black 3/4 sleeved top bought from Youthworks circa 1999 (!!!), blue top from the Salvos on Goodwood Rd, harem pants from Paddy’s Market in Sydney, sparkly socks from my Mum I think, booties from Emporio in Bourke St melbourne, scarf from discount store in the city, magic apple! 

This blue top was originally a long, shapeless dress that I bought intending to alter into a short dress that I could wear with tights. Unfortunately my poor attempts at altering and hemming were disastrous because I had not the least idea what I was doing. It ended up all jagged and shorter in the back. So I cut the whole thing down into a top. It’s still not hemmed and long blue loose threads keep coming off it. 

I have a magic apple. It’s from an amazing homewares shop I found on Glenferrie Rd last time I was in Melbourne. It is metal and shiny. One day I will try to draw it. 

Alfaparf Jean’s Colour Magenta

After four weeks.

Not looking too bad. I’ve used Alfaparf a lot but this is the best the colour has held. I’m attributing this to the fact that I left the dye in for aaaaaaaaages (about an hour and a half if I recall correctly. According to the instructions you need only leave it in for fifteen minutes. The intense magenta hue that resulted when I rinsed off was amaaaazing). Also Magenta seems to hold better than Violet. 

I was actually intending these photos for the “before” part of “before and after” shots, because I was planning to re-dye the magenta tonight, but seeing as it’s still looking quite okay, I might leave it for a time longer.

Remote Thingy

Last night was the ONLY time EVER that the little white remote control thingy that came with my macbook would have been useful. It’s a cool little remote that’s cute but also pretty much useless. I don’t even know if they still ship them with new mac computers anymore. Anyway, we decided to watch a movie in my room, on my laptop last night. A perfect situation for using the little remote, but alas, the battery was FLAT. 

Among my Dad’s eccentricities is an avid interest in wrist watches, he has tons. And with them, a large collection of batteries, all carefully ordered. I thought that surely he would have the kind of lithium battery I needed for my apple remote. The one I needed was a 3 volt CR2032. Alas, despite Dad’s flourishing collection he didn’t have the size I needed. The closest was a CR2025. 

Until today’s encounter I didn’t know much about lithium batteries. Actually I still don’t feel like I know enough. Why do the battery sizes have to be so confusing as to contain two letters and four numbers, totalling in six whole digits? There are so many different sizes of lithium batteries too. 

It’s too bad the age of the alkaline battery appears to be pretty well over. AA and AAA was all I ever needed. Simple. Easy.