Alfaparf Jean’s Colour Magenta

After four weeks.

Not looking too bad. I’ve used Alfaparf a lot but this is the best the colour has held. I’m attributing this to the fact that I left the dye in for aaaaaaaaages (about an hour and a half if I recall correctly. According to the instructions you need only leave it in for fifteen minutes. The intense magenta hue that resulted when I rinsed off was amaaaazing). Also Magenta seems to hold better than Violet. 

I was actually intending these photos for the “before” part of “before and after” shots, because I was planning to re-dye the magenta tonight, but seeing as it’s still looking quite okay, I might leave it for a time longer.


8 thoughts on “Alfaparf Jean’s Colour Magenta

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  2. Hey I use this colour and it doesn’t last even kind of this long! about 2 and a half weeks tops before it starts looking brown on top agian what colour was your hair when your dyed it?

  3. my hair is naturally black, but I have it bleached to pale yellow before dyeing with the Jean’s colour. later on I’ll do a post about how I maintain the colour – there are lots of tips and tricks.

  4. hi, your hair looks pretty, I wanted to reach this shade of pink. but the bleach made my hear color orange, though my hair’s naturally dark-brown. and then I dyed also with this color, and now it looks burning red. I’m not satisfied so can you give me some tips? thx!

  5. Hi Merope, thanks for your comment. My guess would be that your hair turned out red because the bleaching stage didn’t take your hair light enough. I get mine bleached to a pale yellow colour before putting the dye on. Did you bleach it yourself? I get mine bleached professionally because I’m too scared to do it myself. Maybe you needed to leave the bleach on longer? Also, when I dye with the Jean’s Colour, I leave it on for much longer than it says on the bottle. It’s vegetable based dye, so it won’t hurt your hair to leave it on longer. The longer you leave it, the more intense the result. Hope this helps!

  6. I had mine a permanent red for months, and found that a small amount of lightening after it had washed out was enough to help the magenta come through. Very impressed with this colour, as it holds its intensity for me for almost as long as the perm colour did.

  7. Did u bleach ur hair before dyeing it or did u UAE bleach less creme for dark hair ?

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