Remote Thingy

Last night was the ONLY time EVER that the little white remote control thingy that came with my macbook would have been useful. It’s a cool little remote that’s cute but also pretty much useless. I don’t even know if they still ship them with new mac computers anymore. Anyway, we decided to watch a movie in my room, on my laptop last night. A perfect situation for using the little remote, but alas, the battery was FLAT. 

Among my Dad’s eccentricities is an avid interest in wrist watches, he has tons. And with them, a large collection of batteries, all carefully ordered. I thought that surely he would have the kind of lithium battery I needed for my apple remote. The one I needed was a 3 volt CR2032. Alas, despite Dad’s flourishing collection he didn’t have the size I needed. The closest was a CR2025. 

Until today’s encounter I didn’t know much about lithium batteries. Actually I still don’t feel like I know enough. Why do the battery sizes have to be so confusing as to contain two letters and four numbers, totalling in six whole digits? There are so many different sizes of lithium batteries too. 

It’s too bad the age of the alkaline battery appears to be pretty well over. AA and AAA was all I ever needed. Simple. Easy.


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