What I Wore: Thursday 7th May

Here is a dumb picture of me frolicking around outside with a magic apple.

Black 3/4 sleeved top bought from Youthworks circa 1999 (!!!), blue top from the Salvos on Goodwood Rd, harem pants from Paddy’s Market in Sydney, sparkly socks from my Mum I think, booties from Emporio in Bourke St melbourne, scarf from discount store in the city, magic apple! 

This blue top was originally a long, shapeless dress that I bought intending to alter into a short dress that I could wear with tights. Unfortunately my poor attempts at altering and hemming were disastrous because I had not the least idea what I was doing. It ended up all jagged and shorter in the back. So I cut the whole thing down into a top. It’s still not hemmed and long blue loose threads keep coming off it. 

I have a magic apple. It’s from an amazing homewares shop I found on Glenferrie Rd last time I was in Melbourne. It is metal and shiny. One day I will try to draw it. 


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