Eggy Bread

Hungry? It’s eggy bread time! My favourite breakfast at the moment, I whip it up after my morning run. 

You need eggs and bread. If having two pieces of bread, use two eggs. Mix up the eggs in a bowl with some salt, pepper and a dash of milk (cows or soy). Note that the awesomeness of the eggy bread is directly related to the amount of milk added. I’ve found that using little or no milk results in dry eggy bread, like fried egg. If you use too much milk the bread will get too soggy and break easily and it might be hard to cook. Maybe try about a tablespoon or two at first and adjust for next time?

Anyway, mix it up in a bowl, then put the bread in the bowl of egg. Make sure each side of the bread is all soaked in egg, you can leave it soaking for a while if you like, but I’m generally hungry after my run and can’t be bothered. 

Fry the egg-soaked-bread in an oiled pan until it’s golden brown on both sides. Yum! It’s ready. When having eggs savoury, I like them with soy sauce, when craving sweet, I use honey. I really like eggs with honey. Try eggy bread with butter and honey spread on top. Delicious.


2 thoughts on “Eggy Bread

  1. At my place we serve this with a sprinkling of cinnamon and sugar and call it French toast.

    I’ve been meaning to make this: for sometime, perhaps we should try it at the next cook up!

  2. ohhhh so that’s what french toast is.
    that banana french toast recipe looks soo good! what a good idea! i definitely want to try it.

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