The Road to Pescetarianism…

… is not a rocky one, I’m finding. It’s actually been quite easy. I think the fact that I had already cut pork from my diet for quite a while has something to do with it. When I quit eating pork, I soon found that even erasing that one meat from my diet meant I had to do more thinking about what was in my food. That was a bigger change than I had expected because it meant I had to change my thought processes every time I ate… if that makes sense. So enlarging the list of what I won’t eat to include all land meats wasn’t that big a change. 

Also, even before my decision I didn’t regard meat as a staple part of my diet anyway. I don’t believe humans need that much meat. Imagine if meat was served as a side dish rather than vegetables! It seems a little strange to me now that main courses in any food culture have meat at the centre of the dish, in the starring role. 

The hardest part about pescetarianism has to do with situations where I’m eating socially. It’s hard not to feel excluded when you go out to a dinner with friends and you are the only one not partaking in a shared meal. My folks have been pretty good about it but I have still felt a pang of guilt now and then when I realise they are pandering to me. I appreciate it lots, but I am perfectly okay with feeding myself; I don’t want to inconvenience anybody. 

At first I was worried that my family would be offended. My parents show that they care by offering food, they also do it to friends when they come over because it’s a way of being polite and welcoming. So I was worried that I might offend them. I think that having been moved out has really helped them perceive my “independence”, so they don’t really take it the wrong way. 

What is interesting is having to draw a line. I still eat fish but I’ve drawn a line at land animals. But if I’d cave for anything, it would probably be Peking duck, even though I’ve had a pet duck, the idea of eating duck doesn’t upset me nearly as much as some other things. But you have to draw a line somewhere.


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