Puff Pastry


Image by sonicwalker (with an accompanying recipe)

Image by sonicwalker (with an accompanying recipe)

How good is puff pastry?? No, seriously. Think about it. It only takes five minutes to thaw, requires no further preparation, you can put whatever you like inside it and it always turns out flawlessly flaky and delicious. (It’s also vegetarian and vegan – bonus.) Compare this to fillo pastry, that other ready-made pastry of the freezer aisle. Fillo can take an hour or two to thaw and if you get impatient waiting, the pastry easily cracks and breaks with mishandling, you have to brush it with oil and prepare it into stacks of multiple sheets and it tends to be messier. 

Anyway. Puff pastry is rad. I like putting roasted root vegetables inside. Pumpkin, potato, carrot, garlic and cheese is good. I also want to try nutella/chocolate, left-over or home-made curry, sugared fruit. And I haven’t experimented much with puff pastry as a pie crust so I want to do that.

It’s too bad puff pastry is so fatty. I guess that’s often the case with things that are delicious.


One thought on “Puff Pastry

  1. YES! Someone else who appreciates puff pastry as much as I do.

    That looks delicious! Going to attempt immediately.

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