Today I bought three Pink Lady apples. Then I dropped them as I was putting them away on my food shelf.

Reminded me of a random apple memory from childhood…

Mum took me to the supermarket for groceries and she bought for me a Golden Delicious apple, just one, because they were my favourite and I wanted one. That was how I learnt that you could go to the supermarket and only buy one of something if you wished. Sounds stupid but before that I had always thought that you had to buy lots of each thing. Guess that’s what usually happens when you’re buying for a family of five.

I dropped my Golden Delicious apple while we were still in the shop. Mum didn’t scold me, but later when we got home, it was all bruised. That’s how I discovered that if you drop your apples, they bruise.

I learnt two things that day! What an amusing memory.

I just finished my Pink Lady apple and gave my dog the core. He loves apple cores, he eats them and just leaves the stalk and the seeds.

Stuff I Like

  • Music flash cards. I’ve been using them so much with my students this past week.
  • Freshly flossed teeth. I have become such a geek about clean teeth.
  • Gatsby “Moving Rubber” hair wax.
  • Driving down Plane Tree Drive when it’s breezy and autumnal. It’s amazing, like a car advertisement, with the brown leaves floating down at your windscreen.
  • Photographing people’s rooms.
  • Successfully getting Bear Bear to “wait”. But he tends to freak out if I move out of sight and then it doesn’t work… Damn psycho dog.
  • Tongue twisters.
  • My new notebook. It’s my first foray into unlined pocket notebooks. The lack of lines is so liberating! (I’m such a nerd.)