Alfaparf Jean’s Colour Magenta….. Fresh. Plus colour maintenance tips.

Freshly dyed hair, for your consideration:

Lighting is not the best. Gotta get myself a decent camera one of these days. Mine’s good for a point and shoot.

These pics are kind of old now. More than a month old I think. I’ve since had my roots done and my hair cut. Note to self. Hair is too short in these pics. Grow, grow, grow.

How I Maintain Bright Colour

  • Invest in a decent colour-safe shampoo and conditioner. Pick something up from a salon or Hairhouse Warehouse. I’ve found supermarket brands don’t cut it.
  • Don’t overwash. If your hair doesn’t get that oily, try conditioner washing instead of shampooing every time. Alternatively, dry shampoo is really good to use occasionally. It doesn’t replace real washing though.
  • Avoid rinsing your hair with hot water. Turn the hot water down so it’s just mildly warm before directing the shower head at your hair. It makes a huge difference. When I use hot water the colour runs out a lot more than when I rinse with cooler water.
  • Top up your colour. Initially, my colour rinsed out quite fast, but the more you dye, the more the colour builds up. Alfaparf Jean’s is vegetable based, as are most bright semi-permanents available, so it will build up and it won’t damage your hair. Also, when your hair’s a bit faded, you can mix a bit of dye with your conditioner to enliven your colour.
  • Bleach before you colour. It’s the only way to achieve a vibrant shade.
  • Use a colour protectant spray with UV filter. I used to do this a lot in summer. The one I have gives a nice sheen as well.
  • Experiment with dyes. I’ve found some brands and shades are longer lasting on my hair than others. You can find reviews on the internet, but the best bet is just to experiment. Special Effects is reputed to be the best brand, but I haven’t been impressed so far.

Yesterday I coloured with a mix of Special Effects Blue Haired Freak, Special Effects Purple Smoke and just a little bit of Alfaparf Jean’s Colour Magenta. Pics to come, although like I said, I’m not heaps impressed. On the agenda is to try a blue colour, but I’m not expecting it to have much staying power as there are no blue tones naturally occurring in the hair.

Okay, bye for now.


3 thoughts on “Alfaparf Jean’s Colour Magenta….. Fresh. Plus colour maintenance tips.

  1. The only blue that stays in my hair and coats it evenly is SPLAT, available at US pharmacies like Walgreens and CVS, as well as other places probably like Walmart, etc. I’ve tried pretty much every brand under the sun too. Even my stylist told me to stick with that brand for blue because she had nothing that could compare to it. SPLAT’s pink and purple, however, suck on my hair. I’m currently grayed purple and wanting to bleach and color my mop a new shade like a “Poppy Red” or something similar. I’m afraid to bleach it myself too though, but I can’t really afford a salon bleaching right now. I do plan to get a significant trim afterwards though. Any suggestions on bleach? I plan on ordering Alfaparf for the color as suggested by a tattoo artist/friend of a friend who has tried every shade of red.

  2. Btw…SPLAT is VERY messy! It stains everything it touches, including your skin and the shower. The blue is the worst with that, but the best on my hair, so it’s a sacrifice I’ve been willing to make ;-).

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