Special Effects Blue Haired Freak & Purple Smoke… and Stuff

More gratuitous hair posting. Ah, yes:

Taken about a day after colouring with Special Effects brand dye. A mixture of Blue Haired Freak and Purple Smoke. Widely touted on the web as the best unnatural dye out there, I found Special Effects rather disappointing on both occasions I tried it. This time, I thought the dye was rather more transparent than the Jean’s Colour I normally use. When applied, I could still see through it to the magenta underneath. I left it to process for about three hours, but the end result was not punchy enough. You can still see the magenta tones quite clearly through the violet. Oh yeah, and I used a mix of blue and purple because the place where I ordered the dye from had run out of Wildflower, and suggested the combination of colours to achieve a similar effect. I reckon I got a better purple from Manic Panic Purple Haze.

This is my pocket watch that I bought from the Vic Markets in Melbourne. I asked the man to put it on a chain to wear around the neck rather than the pocket clip it was originally attached to. It’s a good watch for teaching because wrist watches are annoying when I’m playing the piano.

Here are some root vegetables:

I only like carrots when they are cooked. The other night I cut up some raw carrots to dip in hommus and remembered that yes, I don’t much like raw carrot. It’s kind of bitter.

Hello dog:

Bye now.


One thought on “Special Effects Blue Haired Freak & Purple Smoke… and Stuff

  1. Oh I do like your hair colour! Special Effect’s Atomic Pink is amazing for me, it lasts for so long (especially compared to Fudge) and since I use a tiny bit diluted in conditioner I’ve only used a quarter of a bottle since March. I haven’t tried any of the other colours though, they’re expensive to ship to New Zealand!

    I can’t believe those watches are still around – I got one in Melbourne about fifteen years ago, it has a stag on the front.

    And I like raw carrots better than cooked carrots, but only in small quantities and only with hummus!

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