Alfaparf Jean’s Colour Violet

I’m sorry that this blog is practically turning into a huge advertisement for Alfaparf. And I’m sorry that I’m posting about my hair. AGAIN. But I am sooo thrilled with this result:

FINALLY I’ve attained the shade of purple that I had imagined all along. This was the shade I envisaged when I first planned to go purple. Alfaparf, you never fail me. I left the dye in for 1 hour and 45 minutes. The resultant colour is so deep that it almost looks black in low light. I foresee it staining everything much more than the magenta. Rinsing the colour out stained my fingernails violet and the water never really ran clear.

Quite excited. My band is having our photos done for our debut album at the end of this week. Now my colour is ready, I just need a hair cut and then I’ll be all ready to go.


14 thoughts on “Alfaparf Jean’s Colour Violet

  1. where did you get this color? this is what i’ve been aiming for and would love to know where someone gets this

  2. OMG This is exactly what I have been wanting with my hair! What did you use for this? Manic panic purple haze isn’t purple enough;(

  3. So, i read your tips on how to keep colored hair well maintained. I’ve been looking for a colorsafe shampoo that also has tones of purple to keep my purple hair… well, purple longer.

    I can’t find anything, or at least not yet.
    Any suggestions? Thanks

  4. Hi all, the colour is Alfaparf Jeans Color in Violet. I’ve also used their Magenta shade in the past which was similarly awesome. I used to buy it at Hairhouse Warehouse, but they don’t seem to stock it any more! Boo! I believe it’s an Italian brand and I’ve seen it before on eBay. So maybe do an online search?

    Sarah – The only purple shampoo I ever used was one by Delorenzo, I can’t remember what it was called exactly but I DON’T recommend it because I suspect it contains metallic salts. The next time I got my hair bleached after using it my hair went GREEN. Apart from that, I never found anything. If you do, let me know, I’d be interested!

  5. Haha, this is so funny!! I’m sitting here right now with the Magenta in my hair. I was just looking around for other people who were using the same colour when i found this. This is the second time i’ve used this colour and i had originally intended to go really purple but i loved this colour so much i decided to do it again, don’t you think it smells amazing too!! Anyways, when i found this pic of the Violet i nearly died … SO AWESOME. And now i have realised that is the colour i was looking to achieve too. Strange world …

    Oh and i got mine in Price Attack for others who want to know, but i’m in Australia so probably not so helpful ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. What color was your hair before you died it purple, and how long has the dye lasted?

  7. This is the best violet ever!! Nice job! Your hair looks gorgeous!
    I think it is too hard to get this color exactly and I really wonder what color your hair when you bleached it ?

  8. Hi! I love your hair color it is amazing, I was wondering how long it stayed in, I’m planning on buying the same dye, but i was also wondering what vol bleach you used? I’m hoping you’ll reply, it looks great, I’m hoping to get the exact color.

  9. i love this colour but i actually tried this brand and i was confused because it said to leave it in only 10-15 minutes

  10. Hi guys, need help urgently,i purchased the jeans color alfaparf in purple, took it to my hairdresser, bleached the amount of streaks i wanted, washed the bleach added the color and it did not stain at all, and i mean nothing, her being a professional for 15 yrs was shock and did not know why it didn’t take. Can anyone PLEASE help me into why the color did not stain. Thank you . ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

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