What I Wore: Saturday 29th August, 2009

Wore this to see UK dubstep DJ Reso last night. Had planned to wear a dress but as it turned out the freezing cold weather forbid it. I can never bear to be cold in the name of looking good! Of course, out in town I always see girls dressed to the nines despite the weather. I always pity them a little!

Black tee, orange top from my sister, black cardigan, “Private Benjamin” jacket from Dangerfield, black tights, skull & crossbones skirt made by me, purple fishnet lace fingerless gloves from welovecolors.com, Doc Martens with assorted laces.

Do you like my skirt? I made it myself. I had long decided to learn to sew, and after arming myself with a big book about sewing, a basic pattern and some fabric, I made this simple, A-line skirt. Sadly, Mother had to help with the zip, as my first attempt was rather less than satisfactory.

Sewing is actually quite expensive! A pattern alone can set you back 20 bucks. Fabric isn’t cheap either. I suppose the cheapest way to create your own clothing would be to buy secondhand items and then alter them. I’m not confident enough to try alter anything though. I want to find a pattern for a layered, ruffled skirt, like a ra-ra skirt in three layers. I’ve made something similar by myself, but I didn’t have a pattern so I just winged it, and although I was proud of the result, I’d rather do it properly. The thing I’ve discovered about patterns though, is that they are released seasonally, and it can be hard to find exactly what you want if you have a particular idea in mind.

Despite the cold, I had fun last night. My boy played a large part in organising the gig, so it was good to see the dance floor packed out during Reso’s set. I really have trouble dealing with late nights though! I’m pathetic after midnight. Lame, huh?

My boy has a blog now. Here’s his poster design for the Reso gig last night.


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