My Room

I love to take pictures of rooms, better than I like taking pictures of people. That’s why The Selby is one of my favourite places on the internet. I am getting my own place next year and already I am consumed with interior decor imaginings and searching for inspiration on Flickr.

Hello bedroom. I like this picture because it is warm and colourful. Getting dressed in the morning is a task that I revel in, yet it always takes way more time than it should and my bed always ends up a mess. This is the first house I’ve lived in with floorboards and I am now of the opinion that they are way overrated. Dust gathers EVERYWHERE. It is impossible for me to sweep all the way under the bed, so there’s probably years of dust under there. Maybe I need a rug?

Hello dreamcatcher. It’s a gift from a friend and the ridiculous hanging hook thing is from the Vic Markets in Melbourne. I hardly ever remember my dreams and I am quite sure it’s because I don’t have dreams of substance. If I get woken suddenly in the midst of deep sleep or while I’m drifting off to sleep then I remember what I was dreaming and it’s usually either strings and strings of words without any meaning or just everyday stuff. Never anything scary or dramatic or amazing. This morning, crunchy boy woke me up early so I remember that I was dreaming about getting dressed. I was looking for my magenta and black thigh-high socks, lol. Good stuff, huh?

Hello, cluttered surface on top of my chest of drawers. Picture is from Seattle an was a present from my sisters when they were there. Random perfume bottles, lava lamp from ex boyfriend and without working light globe, sunscreen bottle that has been sitting there since Summer, bear toys and heaps of junk. The camera is a manual SLR of Dad’s from the seventies. He saved up for two months to get it. I have been having heaps of fun with it, learning how to use it. Today I’ll get my first roll of film developed. Hopefully it will turn out okay, but I reckon I’ll have a lot of either under-exposed or over-exposed pictures.


2 thoughts on “My Room

  1. The Selby is really cool, thanks for that! Can’t wait until I have the time and money to decorate a space of my own.

  2. Glad you like The Selby. Wish I could have a look myself but my internet is being sooooo slow, arrrgh. Planning house decoration is fun, but scary. The house hasn’t even been built yet and I’m already freaking out about colours for walls and carpet. Because what if I get it wrong and it looks terrible??

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