Technical Work

This week I decided to do all the scales and arpeggios for 1 note per day for my piano technical work, going up chromatically day by day. Today’s note was F. So I practised….

  • F major scale, Hands Separately (HSep) and Hands Together (HTog). Legato and staccato, contrary motion.
  • F major scale in octaves, HSep and HTog. Double octaves with Right Hand (RH) leading and with Left Hand (LH) leading.
  • F major arpeggios. Root, 1st inversion, 2nd inversion, HSep and HTog. Also in 3rds and 6ths, HTog.
  • F chromatic, HSep and HTog.
  • F harmonic minor scale, HSep and HTog. Legato, staccato, contrary motion.
  • F melodic minor scale, HSep and HTog. Legato.
  • F minor arpeggios. Root postion, HSep and HTog.
  • F major chord progressions: I-IV-I64-V7-I. Also I-VI-IV-II-V-I6-II6-I64-V7-I. Also I-VI/V7-IV/V7-II/V7-V/V7-V7-I6-II6-I64-V7-I.

Okay, I realise I got a bit lazy with some of them, especially the minors, where I neglected to be as thorough as I was when practising all the variations on the major. But I console myself with the fact that this list still took fucking ages to get through. I used to think that doing technical work was taking precious time away from practising my recital pieces, but now I think I’m going to make sure I keep doing technical every day. I think it’s really important; it helps with my repertoire learning, it warms me up sufficiently and I feel good if I do it. A bit like exercising. Except I actually really like doing technical work and I don’t really like exercising!

I need to work on my staccato scales and octave scales the most. The staccato scales are especially relevant to some of my current repertoire. I really like doing the chord progressions. I sing the name of the chord, pitching to the bass note as I play. I only started practising chord progressions fairly recently, because my students have to do it. It’s really good for both me and them.

Tomorrow’s keys are G flat major and minor. One of my favourites! (Huge music nerd moment.)


2 thoughts on “Technical Work

  1. How do you play the I-IV-I64-V7-I chord progression? I’m starting out Grade 10 piano, and I don’t actually know how to play this. What notes?

  2. Hi there! What syllabus are you doing your exam for? Yamaha Grade exam?

    Usually, I do the progression like this. Let’s say we’re in C major for now. RH plays the chord and LH plays the bass note. Chord I: LH C, RH CEG. Chord IV: LH F, RH CFA. Chord I64: LH G, RH CEG. Chord V7: LH G, RH BFG. Then back to chord one.

    I64 is just chord I in second inversion, i.e. with the fifth in the bass.

    Hope this helps. Good luck with your exam preparation.

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