Brown paper packages tied up with string

Image by Slightlynorth

Internet at this house is slow, slow, slow. Hopefully we will soon be changing internet service providers and getting a decent amount of download limit. I’ll wait until then to post a bunch of pictures of stuff including some humourous notebooks I bought from a little store in Chinatown and some images of a random book that I’m in.

Slow internet may have stopped me from posting as frequently, but it certainly hasn’t prevented me from browsing through eBay with vigour! I think the appeal for me lies in a combination of receiving packages in the mail, and scoring bargains. So far this week, I have received some scrapbooking goodies including an acrylic block for stamping, and some Le Plume double-ended markers.

This morning a set of 24 Bobbi Brown makeup brushes arrived. Auctions for professional makeup brushes on eBay are the most exciting auctions I’ve participated in. Everybody waits until the last minute until they all start bidding frantically. So I was pretty stoked to be the winning bidder. But when I opened up the package this morning, I could tell something was not quite right. Only a few of the brushes were still in their plastic sleeves and the quality of some were a bit dodgy. The mascara brush was wobbly and coming loose, and the eyeliner brush was a bit out of shape. Some of the brushes appeared to be shedding a tiny bit, which I noted with interest since Bobbi Brown brushes reputedly don’t shed much.

After some (painstakingly slow) research on the internet, I learned that imitation cosmetics and cosmetic brushes are rife on eBay – especially prevalent are fake MAC and Bobbi Brown products. I think a lot of buyers must not be aware of this, or they are aware but don’t mind too much since the products come at a fairly cheap price and still do the job well. After some consideration, I decided that I fall into the latter camp. Although the brushes are not genuine, they do the job better than the tools I had before, and they were fairly inexpensive. So I think I am satisfied.

In other consumerist news, the picture above is of a photo taken with a Fuji Instax Mini 7 camera. This model camera is another one of my recent purchases, but I have to wait for it to arrive. It’s shipping out from Japan. With the demise of Polaroid, Fuji Instax cameras will be the only instant cameras commercially available. They are reputedly quite popular in Japan at the moment, and now you can buy them in the United States too. They produce credit card-sized instant photos with good colour – apparently Fuji have improved on Polaroid film technology.

I think I’m becoming mildly camera-obsessed. I have an awesome point-and-shoot, a vintage film SLR of my Dad’s and now I’m getting an Instax Mini. I also want a digital SLR. Currently, I’m contemplating holiday plans versus digital SLR purchase. Hmmmm.


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