Hello! I have a new favourite bag:

Outfit! and Yellow Cambridge Satchel

It’s from the Cambridge Satchel Company. It took quite a while to arrive (2 months!!) but that wasn’t a surprise to me as I like to stake out my purchases online quite thoroughly before I go ahead and buy them.

I got it embossed:

Yellow Cambridge Satchel

This bag seriously attracts a lot of attention. It’s a magnet for compliments! For real.

Also I am wearing fake tattoos, just for fun. ❤

Dove Tattoo - fakey!

Bracelets & Fake Tattoos - Left HandBracelets & Fake Tattoos - Right Hand

I’ve started wearing beaded bracelets again! Reminds me of being 15, haha! I strung them myself out of broken necklaces and bracelets and left over beads, all except the orange one on my right hand. That was given to me by a cute buddhist man in KL who tried to gyp me for 200 ringgit!

In other news, I fail at HTML and I REALLY need to figure out a good workflow for photo taking and editing because I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I’M DOING.

Also, I guess this is an outfit post, I hope that’s okay?


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