Clap Your Hands


It's Friday!

Today is the last Friday of my holidays. I met up with my sister in town for lunch, we ate at Thea Vegetarian Tea Garden. Their mock meat is yums.

I caught the bus to and from town. I love catching the bus because it gives me a chance to listen to music. I got through most of Dead Letter Circus’ album “This Is The Warning”, all of “We Are Born” by Sia and two movements of Brahms’ second piano trio. That seems like a lot of music, but it’s because I also walked a good 20 minutes each way to the bus station.

As you can see I am getting good use out of my Cambridge Satchel. The other bag in the photo is a fabric bag for carrying my shopping. Hooray for no plastic bags!

Whenever I wear these tights, I get a lot of questions:

Duo tights

They are duo tights, they are made like that, so no, I am NOT wearing two pairs of tights, one on each leg, with the left over legs wrapped around my waist!

Okay, that’s all for now, BYE.


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