Thoughts on Pescetarianism

I recently read this article (linked from Gala Darling). Titled “How To Avoid Being a Judgmental Vegan”, the article points out a lot of things I’d agree with. However, my own pescetarian experiences with land-meat-eaters has been rather different.

All the negative comments I have ever received concerning my eating habits run along the lines of, “how come you still eat <insert sea food here>, don’t they have feelings too?” Once while I was boiling the kettle to make myself some packet mi goreng noodles, my Indonesian-reading friend examined the packet then told me, “you’re not a real vegetarian – this has chicken extract in it. Are you still going to eat that?” I did eat it.

Of course things are different for me because I opted for the pescetarian route rather than going full vegetarian or vegan. But the fact of the matter is that the way I choose to eat should not be open for criticism. Not eating land meat is a small way I can contribute to global warming issues. I know that I can do more. I could stop eating seafood, meat products, stop driving a car, stop buying aerosol spray cans, stop using so much air conditioning in summer and heating in winter. I have made a choice and the impact of that choice is probably quite small. But it is MY choice. I do not intend, and never have, been judgmental of non-pescetarians. I am happy to discuss my choices amiably with anyone who is curious or interested.

It’s funny how once you “come out” as a pescetarian, vegetarian, vegan or whatever, a line is immediately drawn and you can’t eat meat forever more because you’ve created a RULE that can’t be broken. But I ask you, what’s the difference between a vegetarian who eats no meat because of environmental reasons, and a person who prefers a meat free diet for the same reasons, but has meat very occasionally. The first is a vegetarian, but the second isn’t, but they’re really achieving very similar things.

I think myself lucky that most of my friends are open-minded and non-judgmental. I wouldn’t have made the switch to pescetarianism if not for the influence of my friends. None of my close friends have been negative about my eating choices.


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