Popy Jane photoshoot

Popy Jane

Popy Jane

Popy Jane

I was recently asked by some mates to take some promo shots of their band, Popy Jane (formerly known as Arturo). It’s the first time I’ve been asked to take portraits – usually it’s me asking people to pose for me. It was a real learning experience. I feel lucky that I’ve had the experience of having my photo taken for my own band because I could really empathize with how it feels to be on the other side of the lens. Some words of encouragement to let your subjects know they’re doing alright can go a long way towards relaxing them. And going ahead and posing your subjects helps to alleviate awkwardness. One thing I discovered is that awkwardness comes through very easily into the photo as stiffness in the body, it can all look a bit forced.

The outing was also a great chance for me to get to know my flash. I bought a Nissin Speedlite Di622 while in Hong Kong and this was the first time I really gave it a good go. There was lots of trial and error, but I think the Speedlite and I are probably going to be firm friends.

Of the pictures above, the top one is my favourite of the lot. The second one is definitely not a “technically” good picture, but I still rather like it, and the third is a fun shot we took in a 24-hour convenience store.


Home sweet home?

I’m back after 3 weeks in Hong Kong, interspersed with 5 days in Shanghai, but we won’t talk about Shanghai much because it was so cold and the ground was so icy and slippery that we were not in much of a mood to do anything or go out anywhere! Hong Kong is rad and great and after a length of time there it feels really strange to be back in Adelaide, which is really, let’s face it, a big country town. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. But I’ve found there’s something comforting about the masses of people you find in a real city. There’s a feeling of safety in numbers, I like the feeling of anonymity. I was thinking the other day that I’ve become more mistrustful of strangers as I’ve gotten older. I think that’s a bad thing.

On the other hand, I am making it my goal to be friendlier as I get older. I think I am generally succeeding, although of course we all have days when we feel a bit surly and not in the mood to talk to anyone. The other day I struck up a conversation with a man sitting next to me on the plane to Melbourne. I asked him why he was going to Melbourne. Unfortunately, he was going for a funeral (!!) 😦 but we had a lovely chat during the flight nonetheless. I was proud of myself for striking up a conversation with a stranger.

I have lots and lots of photos from my trip. I tried to import them today, but unfortunately I don’t have enough hard drive space. This makes me sadface. I shall think of another way, but really, it’s time for me to upgrade my mac. I want a 27″ iMac, but it won’t be had until I save up. Also on my wish-list is a bike.

It is stinking hot in Adelaide, 35 degrees or higher every day. I shouldn’t complain though, at least we haven’t had Queensland’s dreadful weather.