Tea Break

Tea Break

I recently bought some mugs from the op shop across the street because this and one other mug were the only two cups I had big enough to make a cup of tea that would satisfy me. I drink an obscene amount of tea in a day.


Tea and Stripes

Just a quick outfit post.
Tea and Stripes 1
I am wearing my !!NEW!! Clark’s Desert Boots. I rave about desert boots to anyone who will listen, because my old pair I’ve had since I was 14 (that’s TWELVE [12] years ago) and have served me well. They were still in action as recently as yesterday, and although the leather has softened and moulded to the foot so much as to have become rather “clowny” and elongated in shape, not a hole or tear or anything has manifested itself from years of use. I think the shoes have proved their worth.

Unfortunately I initially bought a replacement pair in the wrong size so I’d like to get rid of them. The boots fit tight, requiring you to go up half a size (I’m an 8 and fit an 8.5) so if anyone is a ladies 7.5 and would like a pair, CALL ME.

Little Bits

Little Things


Keep Calm and Carry On


1. Rugging up for a Saturday night out with friends in the best way possible, with loads of colour to rebel against the tendency towards sombre-hued winter fashion.

2. It’s totally worth investing in a really good quality water bottle. I have an ice cube tray which makes long sticks of ice, they’re good for putting in the water bottle and taking to a Bikram Yoga class. I also have a metal bottle, but the water gets hot from sitting in the hot Bikram room!

3. Keep Calm and Carry On. Dave and Matt practising new material in the War Room.

4. Snuggly toes and accessories everywhere.