60 Day Photo Challenge

A friend and I decided to embark on a 60 day photo challenge, basically a watered down, less committed version of the 365 project, as a way of pushing ourselves. We decided to start on New Year’s Day. Bad idea. Embarking on any sort of resolution on New Year’s Day must be the worst idea ever, but only because it’s the day after New Year’s Eve, when everyone is partying. So I was way too tired and wrecked on 1st Jan to remember to take a photo, I started on the 2nd instead. Blah whatever, what you gonna do?

It’s been 3 days and there are 2 main challenges that have presented themselves thus far: 1) choosing one photo for the day (it’s always so hard to pick – I’ve already changed my mind a few times for Day 2) and 2) I need to suck less at photography. Hopefully by the end of the 60 days the second challenge will have improved. Hah.

So, here’s the fruit of the first three day’s efforts.

Day 1.
Half Dreaming

Day 2.
Leap Street

Day 3.