Frolicking about in a pink skirt

A Tree of Life opened in Rundle Mall. I went in yesterday and acquired this skirt:
Tree of Life pink skirt

It’s made of rayon, which is probably the cheapest fabric known to man, and prone to wrinkling, but I don’t think it’ll matter in a skirt so flowy. I did, however, recently buy a pair of rayon shorts from Urban Outfitters. They haven’t arrived yet. I’m a bit worried about wrinkling, and the care of it. This is a lesson to me not to impulse buy.
Tree of Life pink skirt

This is one of those slightly ridiculous, obnoxiously bright outfits that is my trademark.

Also, I got my hair dyed. It’s meant to be a little lighter. I can’t decide if I like it yet, or not! Also, there’s a shitload of serum and shine mist in there, but I think my hair is bleached beyond saving.


Spring is here


I like Spring. The air smells nice, it’s pretty outside, there’s nice fruit coming back into season. I feel generally better when the weather is good. Unfortunately, my appearance doesn’t match my mood as I’m dressed all in black… REALLY need to get my Summer wardrobe together, STAT. The exchange rate is good, perhaps its time for a large online order to take advantage of the northern hemisphere sales? But anyway.

The worst thing about Spring is hayfever. Even as I type my eyes are itching and my nose is runny. Do you get hayfever? If so, I recommend this:

This nose spray is my saviour. I’m all out at the moment though (hence the sniffles and itching). Meanwhile, it’s time for a cup of tea.

Summer Shoes

Yesterday’s warm weather prompted me to unexpected dismay as I realised I had no appropriate shoes. The weather has since changed back to dismal (it was raining today), but I think I have to start mentally organising my Summer Look.

For the last six months or so, I’ve been galumphing about in my Siren boots nearly every single day. My god, I love those shoes. And you’d not believe how LONG I had been looking for the perfect winter boot… Anyway, that’s a story for another day.

Summer presents it’s own challenges in regards to dress…. I shall ponder more on the rest my warm weather wardrobe later, but for now, the SHOES. This is the criteria:

  • Flat. I live in flats. I hate uncomfortable feet!
  • Open toed/sandal style, in view of the long hot summer to come. (No socks!)
  • Chunky. I like the way big shoes balance me out, especially with bare legs.
  • Black.

I think this pair by Siren may be a top contender:

(Image from Siren Shoes.)

My aforementioned boots are from Siren. My experience with the brand has been positive! I think they make really good looking, good quality shoes, at rather reasonable prices.

So anyway I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled in the shops, hopefully I’ll get to try a pair on, or find something similarly appropriate to my needs.

Saving up all my pennies

Gotta save, save, save for this:

(Image from Tokina.)

It’s the Tokina 11-16mm 2.8 lens, it’s a super-wide angle lens. Oh goodness me, I really want it before I go to Hong Kong in January!

In other news, I had a crazy busy day today! And it was really WARM – it felt like NOT winter for the first time in forever!

I’ve used too many exclamation marks!

My Current Beauty Product Staples

I’ve been thinking recently that I’ve been using some really awesome beauty/makeup products. So I’m going to write about them. Gosh, I can tell that this is going to be an almost unbearably girly post and I haven’t even started writing it yet!

  • MAC Prep & Prime Lash. It’s so awesome. Used before mascara, it plumps and lenghtens up my thin, short Asian lashes, prevents the mascara from clumping and stops it from falling onto my face throughout the day.
  • Olay Moisturizing Lotion for Sensitive Skin. I know that this brand is aimed at older women, but I find this moisturizer works really well. It soaks in quickly and it’s light. I used to use the cream version of this moisturizer, but the lotion is better for the hot weather we’ve been getting recently.
  • MAC Paint Pots. I have a queerly shaped eyelid which is not a monolid, but the crease is quite close to my lashline. Because of the unusual shape and because my skin tends to be oily, eyeshadow has a strong tendency to crease when I wear it. Especially if it’s hot/the eyeshadow is of shitty quality/I wear it all day. Paint pots are amazing for preventing creasing and prolonging wear when used as a base for eyeshadow. I dab it on with my finger. It goes on kind of moist but dries to a gritty powder that really “grips” powder eyeshadow. I also wear it by itself. And I also layer several paint pots on top of each other. Anyone who has problems with their eyeshadow creasing should DEFINITELY try this product.
  • Napoleon Minimal Makeup. I usually get my foundation from MAC. But now that it’s warmer I needed something lighter than my usual foundation. (Studio Fix fluid has good coverage, but it can make me break out.) I wandered over to the Napoleon counter mainly because the MAC counter was busy and I got tired of waiting around for some assistance. The girl at the Napoleon counter was really very helpful and friendly. She actually colour matched me correctly by trying two similar shades, one on each side of my face. (At MAC they’ve only ever bothered to try one colour, and I always go home and realise it’s too dark for me.) Minimal Makeup is oil free and sheer, so I haven’t broken out since using it. I like that I can layer it on if I want more coverage and it’s very longwearing.

Okay that’s girly posting for now, byyyye.

P.S. I’m on the hunt for a REALLY AWESOME lipbalm. Recommendations?

Brown paper packages tied up with string

Image by Slightlynorth

Internet at this house is slow, slow, slow. Hopefully we will soon be changing internet service providers and getting a decent amount of download limit. I’ll wait until then to post a bunch of pictures of stuff including some humourous notebooks I bought from a little store in Chinatown and some images of a random book that I’m in.

Slow internet may have stopped me from posting as frequently, but it certainly hasn’t prevented me from browsing through eBay with vigour! I think the appeal for me lies in a combination of receiving packages in the mail, and scoring bargains. So far this week, I have received some scrapbooking goodies including an acrylic block for stamping, and some Le Plume double-ended markers.

This morning a set of 24 Bobbi Brown makeup brushes arrived. Auctions for professional makeup brushes on eBay are the most exciting auctions I’ve participated in. Everybody waits until the last minute until they all start bidding frantically. So I was pretty stoked to be the winning bidder. But when I opened up the package this morning, I could tell something was not quite right. Only a few of the brushes were still in their plastic sleeves and the quality of some were a bit dodgy. The mascara brush was wobbly and coming loose, and the eyeliner brush was a bit out of shape. Some of the brushes appeared to be shedding a tiny bit, which I noted with interest since Bobbi Brown brushes reputedly don’t shed much.

After some (painstakingly slow) research on the internet, I learned that imitation cosmetics and cosmetic brushes are rife on eBay – especially prevalent are fake MAC and Bobbi Brown products. I think a lot of buyers must not be aware of this, or they are aware but don’t mind too much since the products come at a fairly cheap price and still do the job well. After some consideration, I decided that I fall into the latter camp. Although the brushes are not genuine, they do the job better than the tools I had before, and they were fairly inexpensive. So I think I am satisfied.

In other consumerist news, the picture above is of a photo taken with a Fuji Instax Mini 7 camera. This model camera is another one of my recent purchases, but I have to wait for it to arrive. It’s shipping out from Japan. With the demise of Polaroid, Fuji Instax cameras will be the only instant cameras commercially available. They are reputedly quite popular in Japan at the moment, and now you can buy them in the United States too. They produce credit card-sized instant photos with good colour – apparently Fuji have improved on Polaroid film technology.

I think I’m becoming mildly camera-obsessed. I have an awesome point-and-shoot, a vintage film SLR of my Dad’s and now I’m getting an Instax Mini. I also want a digital SLR. Currently, I’m contemplating holiday plans versus digital SLR purchase. Hmmmm.

What I Wore: Thursday 7th May

Here is a dumb picture of me frolicking around outside with a magic apple.

Black 3/4 sleeved top bought from Youthworks circa 1999 (!!!), blue top from the Salvos on Goodwood Rd, harem pants from Paddy’s Market in Sydney, sparkly socks from my Mum I think, booties from Emporio in Bourke St melbourne, scarf from discount store in the city, magic apple! 

This blue top was originally a long, shapeless dress that I bought intending to alter into a short dress that I could wear with tights. Unfortunately my poor attempts at altering and hemming were disastrous because I had not the least idea what I was doing. It ended up all jagged and shorter in the back. So I cut the whole thing down into a top. It’s still not hemmed and long blue loose threads keep coming off it. 

I have a magic apple. It’s from an amazing homewares shop I found on Glenferrie Rd last time I was in Melbourne. It is metal and shiny. One day I will try to draw it. 

Black Lamé Leggings

I was heaps excited when American Apparel opened a store here in Adelaide, mainly because I had been eyeing up their range of lamé leggings for quite some time. Didn’t ever end up buying a pair via the online store though, for some reason spending money on unnecessary items is harder for me when I contemplate doing it online, maybe it takes away the impulse buy urge? 

Behold, black lamé leggings:

Ah, the possibilities. 

Today, after my piano lesson, I was wandering around town and I discovered that soooo many places now stock a cheap rip-off version! You can get a pair at Equip or Cotton On for around $25, but the quality is not that great compared with the American Apparel version. Anyway, now I can’t (okay, won’t) get a pair because they’re set to become the horrendously ubiquitous winter trend of 2009. A couple of winters ago it was pinafore dresses and ballet flats, last winter it was skinny jeans and long, finely knit cardigans (Cotton On still a culprit here for effectuating that one) and still more ballet flats. My prediction for this winter: black shiny leggings are going to be EVERYWHERE. 

Meanwhile, I did snap up a pair of American Apparel’s purple lamé leggings, hopefully few others will jump on the wagon with that one, tee hee!