Tea and Stripes

Just a quick outfit post.
Tea and Stripes 1
I am wearing my !!NEW!! Clark’s Desert Boots. I rave about desert boots to anyone who will listen, because my old pair I’ve had since I was 14 (that’s TWELVE [12] years ago) and have served me well. They were still in action as recently as yesterday, and although the leather has softened and moulded to the foot so much as to have become rather “clowny” and elongated in shape, not a hole or tear or anything has manifested itself from years of use. I think the shoes have proved their worth.

Unfortunately I initially bought a replacement pair in the wrong size so I’d like to get rid of them. The boots fit tight, requiring you to go up half a size (I’m an 8 and fit an 8.5) so if anyone is a ladies 7.5 and would like a pair, CALL ME.


Frolicking about in a pink skirt

A Tree of Life opened in Rundle Mall. I went in yesterday and acquired this skirt:
Tree of Life pink skirt

It’s made of rayon, which is probably the cheapest fabric known to man, and prone to wrinkling, but I don’t think it’ll matter in a skirt so flowy. I did, however, recently buy a pair of rayon shorts from Urban Outfitters. They haven’t arrived yet. I’m a bit worried about wrinkling, and the care of it. This is a lesson to me not to impulse buy.
Tree of Life pink skirt

This is one of those slightly ridiculous, obnoxiously bright outfits that is my trademark.

Also, I got my hair dyed. It’s meant to be a little lighter. I can’t decide if I like it yet, or not! Also, there’s a shitload of serum and shine mist in there, but I think my hair is bleached beyond saving.

Back in Black (and pink and purple)

Back in Black (and pink and purple)

Sorry for the dumb pose. I have no idea why I’m doing that. And how weird does my hand look?

Anyway, back to the clothes at hand. I’m not going to tell you where I got everything from because that’s not the point. Even though I’m 25 not much has changed in my clothes purchasing habits since I was 15 and broke. (Okay, except the occasional – or more than occasional splurge.) Most of my clothes are cheapies picked up from chain stores. Some things I prefer spending more on, such as shoes and coats – the items that are meant to last.

But I will talk about this necklace briefly:
Necklace detail

It’s made of beads and painted rocks and I bought it in KL when I went there in January.


That is all.

Clap Your Hands


It's Friday!

Today is the last Friday of my holidays. I met up with my sister in town for lunch, we ate at Thea Vegetarian Tea Garden. Their mock meat is yums.

I caught the bus to and from town. I love catching the bus because it gives me a chance to listen to music. I got through most of Dead Letter Circus’ album “This Is The Warning”, all of “We Are Born” by Sia and two movements of Brahms’ second piano trio. That seems like a lot of music, but it’s because I also walked a good 20 minutes each way to the bus station.

As you can see I am getting good use out of my Cambridge Satchel. The other bag in the photo is a fabric bag for carrying my shopping. Hooray for no plastic bags!

Whenever I wear these tights, I get a lot of questions:

Duo tights

They are duo tights, they are made like that, so no, I am NOT wearing two pairs of tights, one on each leg, with the left over legs wrapped around my waist!

Okay, that’s all for now, BYE.


Hello! I have a new favourite bag:

Outfit! and Yellow Cambridge Satchel

It’s from the Cambridge Satchel Company. It took quite a while to arrive (2 months!!) but that wasn’t a surprise to me as I like to stake out my purchases online quite thoroughly before I go ahead and buy them.

I got it embossed:

Yellow Cambridge Satchel

This bag seriously attracts a lot of attention. It’s a magnet for compliments! For real.

Also I am wearing fake tattoos, just for fun. ❤

Dove Tattoo - fakey!

Bracelets & Fake Tattoos - Left HandBracelets & Fake Tattoos - Right Hand

I’ve started wearing beaded bracelets again! Reminds me of being 15, haha! I strung them myself out of broken necklaces and bracelets and left over beads, all except the orange one on my right hand. That was given to me by a cute buddhist man in KL who tried to gyp me for 200 ringgit!

In other news, I fail at HTML and I REALLY need to figure out a good workflow for photo taking and editing because I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I’M DOING.

Also, I guess this is an outfit post, I hope that’s okay?

What I Wore: Monday 31st September, 2009

Satin and ribbon neck thing made by me, top from Dotti, skirt from Portmans, yellow and black striped thigh-highs from welovecolors.com, black booties.

Been sick with a cold lately, don’t feel too bad, it’s mainly all in my lungs and throat. I’ve been coughing and spluttering; it’s really gross.

Do you like dried apples? They are so irresistible. I always eat too much, then I feel a bit sick because they absorb liquid and expand in your stomach.

What I Wore: Saturday 29th August, 2009

Wore this to see UK dubstep DJ Reso last night. Had planned to wear a dress but as it turned out the freezing cold weather forbid it. I can never bear to be cold in the name of looking good! Of course, out in town I always see girls dressed to the nines despite the weather. I always pity them a little!

Black tee, orange top from my sister, black cardigan, “Private Benjamin” jacket from Dangerfield, black tights, skull & crossbones skirt made by me, purple fishnet lace fingerless gloves from welovecolors.com, Doc Martens with assorted laces.

Do you like my skirt? I made it myself. I had long decided to learn to sew, and after arming myself with a big book about sewing, a basic pattern and some fabric, I made this simple, A-line skirt. Sadly, Mother had to help with the zip, as my first attempt was rather less than satisfactory.

Sewing is actually quite expensive! A pattern alone can set you back 20 bucks. Fabric isn’t cheap either. I suppose the cheapest way to create your own clothing would be to buy secondhand items and then alter them. I’m not confident enough to try alter anything though. I want to find a pattern for a layered, ruffled skirt, like a ra-ra skirt in three layers. I’ve made something similar by myself, but I didn’t have a pattern so I just winged it, and although I was proud of the result, I’d rather do it properly. The thing I’ve discovered about patterns though, is that they are released seasonally, and it can be hard to find exactly what you want if you have a particular idea in mind.

Despite the cold, I had fun last night. My boy played a large part in organising the gig, so it was good to see the dance floor packed out during Reso’s set. I really have trouble dealing with late nights though! I’m pathetic after midnight. Lame, huh?

My boy has a blog now. Here’s his poster design for the Reso gig last night.

What I Wore: Wednesday 19th August

Here is my best “protecting my internet privacy” pose:

Mesh dress from Topshop, turquoise blue boob tube from MNG, black elastic-waisted shift dress from American Apparel, Splash tights from We Love Colors, black booties.

Internet shopping is the new black. I got these tights from We Love Colors and the mesh dress from Topshop. When I put on the tights I was slightly overwhelmed by how crazy they were, but now I think I kind of love them.

What I Wore: Thursday 7th May

Here is a dumb picture of me frolicking around outside with a magic apple.

Black 3/4 sleeved top bought from Youthworks circa 1999 (!!!), blue top from the Salvos on Goodwood Rd, harem pants from Paddy’s Market in Sydney, sparkly socks from my Mum I think, booties from Emporio in Bourke St melbourne, scarf from discount store in the city, magic apple! 

This blue top was originally a long, shapeless dress that I bought intending to alter into a short dress that I could wear with tights. Unfortunately my poor attempts at altering and hemming were disastrous because I had not the least idea what I was doing. It ended up all jagged and shorter in the back. So I cut the whole thing down into a top. It’s still not hemmed and long blue loose threads keep coming off it. 

I have a magic apple. It’s from an amazing homewares shop I found on Glenferrie Rd last time I was in Melbourne. It is metal and shiny. One day I will try to draw it.