Freedom of Potato Collab

Freedom of Potato Wolf-Kerchief Collab

Hi there! A few weeks ago I collaborated on a photoshoot with Tamzin Buchan of Freedom of Potato Designs. Tamzin crafts adorable animal-themed accessories. You can visit Tamzin’s etsy store here.We headed into the hills late on a Friday afternoon with snacks, smiles and friends with wolf-kerchiefs tucked into their pockets.

Here are a selection of shots from the afternoon. I love Tamzin’s work with the styling, she really has a clear vision for the aesthetic of her brand and you can really see that in the photos. We didn’t have a lot of time to work with as the sinking afternoon sun was against us, but I think we squeezed a lot out of those few hours. Conclusion: collaborations are fun! It feels great to join forces artistically and end up with a pleasing result. I am super keen to do more.

Freedom of Potato Wolf-Kerchief Collab
Freedom of Potato Wolf-Kerchief Collab
Freedom of Potato Wolf-Kerchief Collab
Freedom of Potato Wolf-Kerchief Collab
Freedom of Potato Wolf-Kerchief Collab
Freedom of Potato Wolf-Kerchief Collab
Freedom of Potato Wolf-Kerchief Collab
Freedom of Potato Wolf-Kerchief Collab
Freedom of Potato Wolf-Kerchief Collab
Freedom of Potato Wolf-Kerchief Collab
Freedom of Potato Wolf-Kerchief Collab


60 Day Photo Challenge – Highlights

The 60 day photo challenge is FINALLY over. I’ve got a few final photos to finish processing, which unfortunately I have allowed to drag out. I don’t know how people manage 365 projects because this challenge killed me – I must be really weak or something! I won’t post all 60 photos, but you can view the entire set here.

Here are some of my favourite shots from the challenge.

Self Portrait in Mirror
Handstands on the Beach
Bedtime Story
Sunset at the Beach
Wandering in the Garden
Mercedes and Finn

60 Day Photo Challenge

A friend and I decided to embark on a 60 day photo challenge, basically a watered down, less committed version of the 365 project, as a way of pushing ourselves. We decided to start on New Year’s Day. Bad idea. Embarking on any sort of resolution on New Year’s Day must be the worst idea ever, but only because it’s the day after New Year’s Eve, when everyone is partying. So I was way too tired and wrecked on 1st Jan to remember to take a photo, I started on the 2nd instead. Blah whatever, what you gonna do?

It’s been 3 days and there are 2 main challenges that have presented themselves thus far: 1) choosing one photo for the day (it’s always so hard to pick – I’ve already changed my mind a few times for Day 2) and 2) I need to suck less at photography. Hopefully by the end of the 60 days the second challenge will have improved. Hah.

So, here’s the fruit of the first three day’s efforts.

Day 1.
Half Dreaming

Day 2.
Leap Street

Day 3.

Popy Jane photoshoot

Popy Jane

Popy Jane

Popy Jane

I was recently asked by some mates to take some promo shots of their band, Popy Jane (formerly known as Arturo). It’s the first time I’ve been asked to take portraits – usually it’s me asking people to pose for me. It was a real learning experience. I feel lucky that I’ve had the experience of having my photo taken for my own band because I could really empathize with how it feels to be on the other side of the lens. Some words of encouragement to let your subjects know they’re doing alright can go a long way towards relaxing them. And going ahead and posing your subjects helps to alleviate awkwardness. One thing I discovered is that awkwardness comes through very easily into the photo as stiffness in the body, it can all look a bit forced.

The outing was also a great chance for me to get to know my flash. I bought a Nissin Speedlite Di622 while in Hong Kong and this was the first time I really gave it a good go. There was lots of trial and error, but I think the Speedlite and I are probably going to be firm friends.

Of the pictures above, the top one is my favourite of the lot. The second one is definitely not a “technically” good picture, but I still rather like it, and the third is a fun shot we took in a 24-hour convenience store.

Morialta Conservation Park

Recently I went with a friend to Morialta Conservation Park. I used to live quite close to the Park and regularly would walk the dog there in the lower parts, where the barbecue area is.

The Park “proper” has got walking trails leading to three waterfalls, named First, Second and Third falls respectively. A trek up to Third falls can take up the better part of an afternoon and there are trails of varying difficulty to choose from.

Last Sunday afternoon my friend and I took our cameras up there for a walk, an explore, and to see what there was to see. We meandered and stopped often. Though we were out for nearly 3 hours, we only made it to First Falls. Here are some of my favourite photos from the afternoon.
Just on our way

This is the first “real” landscape shot I’ve taken with my Tokina 11-16. It just screams “Australia” doesn’t it?
Morialta Park


These are the steps leading up to Giant’s Cave. I’m not really happy with any of the shots I took of the steps; I couldn’t produce the idea I vaguely had in my head when taking them.
Steps to Giant's Cave

This is Giant’s Cave.
Giant's Cave

This was taken at a small look-out. Second Falls is visible in the distance.
Across the way - portrait

Flower cluster - warm

Second Falls. We didn’t get there via the flat walk, so we arrived “on top” of the waterfall.
Second Falls

The view from Second Falls.
View from above Second Falls

Portrait view of the same shot. The people sitting in front of the waterfall in the bottom right-hand corner give you an idea of our vantage point.
View from above Second Falls

Golden grass

Although Morialta Park isn’t ideal for landscape photography, I’m of the mind that I need to practice as much as possible. There are pictures everywhere – I just need to keep learning to recognize them. It was a lot of fun and a welcome break from my usual style of photography (i.e. snapping my friends in near-dark when I’m out on the weekend!) Hopefully I’ll be able to go on many more photo expeditions in the near future.

Saving up all my pennies

Gotta save, save, save for this:

(Image from Tokina.)

It’s the Tokina 11-16mm 2.8 lens, it’s a super-wide angle lens. Oh goodness me, I really want it before I go to Hong Kong in January!

In other news, I had a crazy busy day today! And it was really WARM – it felt like NOT winter for the first time in forever!

I’ve used too many exclamation marks!

New Camera!

My Fuji Instax Mini 7 camera arrived in the mail a couple of weeks ago. It is so much fun and very addictive. I took the photos above with it the other day when my little brother and I took the dog to the park. The park was covered with yellow flowers; it looked amazing. Unfortunately, it was also covered with bees and I was wearing sandals, so we proceeded across the grassy expanse with caution.

The camera is heaps easy to use. It has just 4 light settings. A couple of the photos above turned out overexposed because I used the wrong setting. Film works out to about less than $2 each and loads into the camera in packs of ten.

These photos would be heaps good for scrapbooking.

I have been really busy and stressed lately, so no time for paper crafts unfortunately! I have a recital coming up and I still have so much to do! I am playing two piano and violin sonatas; one by Debussy and the other by Grieg. I am playing with two different violinists, too. One is a fellow Honours student at the Con and we have had only one rehearsal. The other is a professional from the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra and we are having our first rehearsal tomorrow. Both pieces are really fucking hard, but I am especially freaked out about the Grieg because I physically cannot play the 3rd movement. Sigh. Just gotta keep pegging away at it.

In other news, it is October and festive Christmas-ware has already begun to appear in the shops.

I ate a whole box of Mr. Kipling’s mince pies to myself.